Yoshi’s Island athletic theme, sight-read by Tom Brier & Co.

You can view the sheet music they are reading here:
http://www.keeper1st.com/music/yoshiath.pdf or from my page http://www.keeper1st.com/music/vgm.html

Thanks to YouTubers Quietschquatsch and Raphy013 for the music suggestion a few days ago!

Not only did Tom find this a fun tune to play, but, as you’ll see, flautist Julia Riley and tubaist (tubist?) Mark Meeker decided to join in as well!

After Tom’s first sight-read, you hear Julia mention another Nintendo videogame tune that she liked. That was K.K. Ragtime. A short time later, Tom and Julia played it from memory! I’ll have to post the video of that moment at a later date. It was fully evolved into a fleshed-out rag arrangement, much like the second run through this tune from Super Mario World 2 in this video.

This tune was composed by Koji Kondo (近藤浩治). It is also known as “Hop! Hop! Donut Lifts” by some people, but in a concert video of Nintendo video game music at which the composer was in attendance, the title that appears clearly reads (if you read Japanese, anyway) simply “Yosshii Island Athletic Theme”.

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