Telling a screaming child on a plane to shut up.

So this kid wouldn’t shut the hell up, kept screaming “I hate planes.” And “I wanna sleep.” And shit, so we had enough, and I told him to shut the fuck up about 20 minutes after he first opened his trap.

Fucking flight attendant pissing me off and this little hellion with a red coat wouldn’t shut the fuck up about saying “I’m tired, get me off.” Like kid, shut the fuck up, you’re pissing everyone off on this damn plane.

The child’s good for nothing father just sat on his lazy ass and read his newspaper (like seriously pops, who the actual fuck still reads newspapers? 🤣) and did nothing to shut the kid up.
Atleast the (I’d guess brother) got frustrated and kept telling him to shut up, although it did nothing.

I do not recommend this however, as the air marshal came to me and told me afterwords that they’d change my seat, and if there was one more incident with me, the authorities would be involved.

This is a message to never shout at the annoying fuckers, even though we all deep down want too.

This fat fucking blonde lady was very rude, telling me not to put my hands up and shit, I wanted to get her name and have her reported.

I deep down wanted to tell her “You want to do something about this screaming child, lady?” Or tell her off but I didn’t want to be thrown off the plane and/or be apprehended by the police.

The air marshal was reasonable (I didn’t get him on video.) And moved my seat and didn’t have me removed from the plane, leaving me off with a warning, thankfully.