UFO 9-24-2019 – video 2

** Update 10-7-19 with the information received from a couple of viewers about the project loon balloon we are gathering information and sending it to MUFON about the flight path of balloon HBAL0342 that is now passing through Ohio. Going to try to see if they can get the historical flight path that is being tracked online and see if it is what we saw that night. Will keep you all posted to their findings! **
Unidentified flying object East of Ottawa, IL 9/24/19. Shot with Samsung J7 Crown smartphone through the lens of our telescope. Over the course of an hour the object did not move, however it did change from white to orange in color and eventually faded out to where we could no longer see it. Shot multiple videos with two different phones which we will post as well. The videos have not been edited and this was viewed by multiple people aside from those in the video, during the duration that we could see it. Looked like a star in the sky to the naked eye, but in the telescope, well, you decide.